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Linda Nguyen
Compiled by Erica Wright

The city was mostly shutdown last week because of “snow” in the forecast. While the inclement weather never materialized, we asked Birmingham area residents, How did you spend your “snow” day?

Carlee Sanford

Carlee Sanford: “I work at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve… we were closed on Tuesday . . . but I did go to work though, I live very close to the mountain and I’m able to walk to work and most of our staff came in for a half day. I think based off past experiences, safety is of utmost importance and we took precautions . . . I rather everyone be safe than be in danger.”

Nelson Watters

Nelson Watters: “I was off, I work at One Call Alabama, a roofing company and I have two daughters and they were out of school and I allowed them to roller blade inside of the house. It was basically a fun day . . . there was no snow outside so we made it a fun day inside the home. I think the over hype of the forecast was a bit much, but I had to live through that last storm so I understand preventive actions.”

Linda Nguyen

Linda Nguyen: “I was off and I was at home with my kids enjoying the ‘imaginary’ snow. We had a great time inside our house watching movies and things like that, spending time with the kids. I work at a nail salon, Riviera Nails and Spa and we were open but I don’t work on Tuesdays anyway but I was glad to be off for the snow day because when it happened a few years ago we were on the road for like nine hours so I was grateful they tried to take preventive measures.”

Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers: “I was actually out of town, but I work for Pace Runners, a logistics company in Bessemer, and they had an email sent out saying potential bad weather and we could stay at home so I was glad to be out of town already in case the weather did get really bad. I think it’s hit or miss either way when it comes to predicting the weather because somebody is always going to be unhappy and whenever schools start closing, I think that’s when businesses have to accommodate as well.”