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Jeffco provides infrastructure support for Adamsville

Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda discusses the significance of a newly-approved agreement with the City of Adamsville where the county will oversee maintenance of seven major streets in Adamsville, in addition to community grant to fund a new walking trail in a downtown city park. Scales is flanked by Mayor Pam Palmer, Councilman Anthony Brooklere (center) and Councilman Bill Whisenhunt (right). (Provided Photo)
Jefferson County

 Jefferson County Commission President Pro-Tem Lashunda Scales and Adamsville city leaders announced Thursday infrastructure projects that will improve seven major roads and park improvements for Adamsville City park’s walking trail in the amount of $7,500.00.

Leaders said both agreements represent a new era of cooperation between the county and the City of Adamsville. Commissioner Scales, who has worked very aggressively with communities in her district on infrastructure concerns, said she made a commitment to residents and city leaders to make lasting improvements.

“I didn’t want the city of Adamsville to be forgotten,” Scales said. “Hold us accountable for doing just what the county says it is going to do. We listened to many residents’concerns and were moved by them. I am going to work very hard to ensure that Jefferson County properly addresses their needs to the best of the county’s ability.”

According to plans, an official through road agreement will give the county authorization and responsibility to maintain the seven roads below:

  • Old Bankhead Highway/Old Jasper Road.
  • Linndale Road
  • Minor Parkway
  • Old Jasper Highway
  • County Road 12
  • County Road 110
  • Hazelwood Road

The agreements were unanimously approved by the Jefferson County Commission on Thursday, Adamsville Mayor Pam Palmer and the City Council. The mayor expressed gratitude for the county’s support. “They’re coming in to help,” said Palmer. “It means somebody at the county finally cares about us.”

In addition to ongoing responsibility of the seven roads, Scales has also asked the county’s Roads and Transportation department for a one-time maintenance of Main Street. The announcement was welcomed by members of Adamsville’s City Council.

“It’s a start where we can work together and really accomplish something for the citizens. That’s why we are all here,” said Councilman Bill Whisenhunt.

Councilman Glenn Minyard said, “This is the first time that I can say that we really got some recognition out here. I personally thank you very much for what you’ve done and what you’re going to do for this city.”