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Denesha Cuneo
Compiled by Erica Wright

It nearing time to put winter behind and embrace a new season. We asked area residents: Are you ready for spring?

Retha Nicole

Retha Nichole: “Absolutely. I’m ready for spring because I’m over the dreary weather that we seem to be having . . . I know it’s partially the rain and we get rain in the spring, but this rain is cold so I don’t like it. Also, I’m ready for spring because I love sandals, high heeled sandals, open toe, I just love all of that and you can’t wear that in the winter.”

John McWhorter

John McWhorter: “I am ready for spring because I don’t like cold weather and I rather it be warm. I don’t like cloudy weather, I like blue skies. I’m also ready for spring because I can do everything outside, running, biking, all of that. My son is playing baseball and his first practice it was 30 degrees and that’s no good.”

Denesha Cuneo

Denesha Cuneo: “I’m only ready for spring because it brings me that much closer to the fall, which is my favorite season … I’m ready for spring and summer to come and pass . . .  because I love the weather in the fall [which] means fall carnivals and football season.”

Calvin Cole

Calvin Cole: “I’m definitely ready for spring because I’m very tired of cold weather. I love some sun and even some rain, some good, warm rain. I have two dogs, so walking my dogs in the warm is a lot better than walking them in the cold. Also, spring is just brighter than winter, it’s not dreary and I think it affects a lot of people’s moods . . . maybe even brighten up some people’s moods as well.”