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Ashley McKennedy
Compiled by Erica Wright

Looking back there are occupations some of us probably feel we were meant for. So we asked, Birmingham area residents, did you miss your calling?

Joshua Black

Joshua Black: “For a while I thought I was going to be a missionary for a foreign country and [then] I realized that the mission field is wherever I am. So, wherever God has placed me to be, whatever task He has put in front of me, I can do that to His Glory and build His Kingdom instead of having to go overseas to do it. Right now, I deliver groceries for Shipt and I use that job to feed my family and . . . I volunteer and go down to City Hall and take notes on whatever City Council is doing to upload to my podcast.”

Jennifer Dupuy

Jennifer Dupuy: “I work in law enforcement but my calling would have been something with animals. I would have loved to maybe be a veterinarian but I’d have to be able to get over the surgery part . . . which would be tough but my passion is animals.”

Mattie Gaskin

Mattie Gaskin: “I’m in law enforcement but if I had the talent . . . I would have loved do musical theater. I think it makes everybody happy and I can do the dancing and the acting part of it, but my voice makes people cry and not in a good way and so with that being said, it wasn’t meant to be.”

Ashley McKennedy

Ashley McKennedy: “I’ve been told that I have a very calming spirit and I don’t freak out in situations and I think my calling is to bring that into any situation that I’m in. Right now, I’m an associate broker … so it can be a pretty stressful job and that’s why I think that I am good at what I do because I’m calm. I think about what is happening and try to figure out the best way to handle things and be positive at the same time.”