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Compiled by Erica Wright

Schools open this month for the fall semester. We asked Birmingham area residents, What are some important lessons you hope students learn?

Amber Clark: “Everything they’re supposed to learn as far as their academics . . . regardless of what it seems like today, being smart is not a bad thing and is still something very desirable. Having intelligence and working hard are still cool. Secondly, I hope they learn to value each other, to value each other’s lives and know that everyone matters and we need to stop all this violence. One person is not better than the other.”

Lauren Rasbury: “No matter what level, elementary, middle, high school or college, I hope they learn to be kind to each other no matter what the situation is . . . if it is a child or an adult, learn to be kind to everybody. Learn every day to be kind to people. It’s not hard to be kind to somebody, it literally costs nothing . . . you don’t need a high school or college education to be kind.”

Ryan Christopher: “I hope they learn the basics that will take them past college [and through life] such as figuring out how to do your taxes, understanding how to get your financials in order and understanding about saving… things that are going to benefit you outside of school . . . learn the important things [that] you’re going to have to do in everyday life.”

Abby Zajac: “I just graduated from Samford University this year, so my advice would be to use your time wisely and learn how to manage your time. That doesn’t mean just school work but make friends, make memories and do your best to balance everything. Use your time wisely, whatever that looks like for you . . . and don’t worry about other’s opinions as much as your own.”