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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, If you had a choice for a last meal, what would it be?

Darrell Sanders: “It would be Haitian Creole food because living here, it’s something I don’t get a chance to get. I used to work for Disney World and I lived in Orlando so I was able to eat that type of food all the time and I haven’t had it in like the past five years. I would probably fly to Haiti to get it if I’m on my death bed . . . and get it because the food is good.”

Marlena Elliott: “I would choose my mom’s chili. It’s the best in the entire world, when I’m sad that makes me happy and she puts so much love in it. I’ve tried to recreate it myself but I can’t; only my mom can make this chili so if that’s going to be my last meal, I would like to be happy before I die.”

Bevan Cross: “It would be a Hibachi place. They cook in front of your eyes and I love those places so it would definitely be that. I would probably get the chicken and shrimp with extra rice and no vegetables. It’s this place in Trussville called Konomi, it’s really good so I would go there for my last meal.”

Ashton Tucker: “I would go to Olive Garden. I love Italian food and Olive Garden is so good. I love everything about it from the atmosphere to the great food, so I would feel really good to be there for my last meal. I would probably get the baked ziti and the salad because they have the best salads.”