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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What childhood memory do you cherish the most?

Britt Johnson: “Playing on the beach in Hawaii with my sister, Lindsey. We grew up in Hawaii and my sister is my best friend and now I live here in Birmingham and she lives in Nashville, Tennessee so I don’t get to see her often . . . I cherish those moments when we were younger and carefree and enjoy each other.”

Annabeth Garner: “Christmas morning. I just remember waking up really early and making cinnamon rolls and spending time with my family. Those moments meant everything to me as a child and Christmas was always my favorite holiday so I looked forward to it and having that time with my family.”

Ellie Thomas: “Hanging out with my friends in the summer at our neighborhood pool. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and my friends and I would meet up every day to go to the pool and we would play games, swim and it was just a lot of fun because we would do that every summer probably up until the time we were in high school.”

Jasmyn Story: “My grandfather was a librarian and he co-raised me and I love books so I used to beg my parents to drop me off at the library. I spent my weekends just going through books all day long but specifically the Do-It-Yourself section. I loved the library. I could be there all day long because it gave me the opportunity to jump into the world… it encouraged me to travel… it was like an all expense trip to travel the world but through books. I just loved it.”