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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s something you resent paying for?

Kaitie-Beth Cochran: “Parking because I feel like that’s an unnecessary fee when you’re already having to go all over the place. It’s mostly just street parking [as opposed to decks] that I hate paying for though because it is so limited already and it just kind of sucks that you have to pay for. I think street parking should just be taken away or we shouldn’t have to pay for it at all.”

Kerry Schrader: “My cell phone bill because they never get it right. I switched my service in March and ever since then, I’ve had a problem with it. I have to talk to them every month about how the billing is off and I just talked to them recently about that [same] issue.”

LaDonna Edwards: “My daughter’s after school care. I don’t necessarily resent it, but it is frustrating and I would like to not have to pay for that because she is old enough to stay at home, but we live so close to her school, [and since] there is not a bus route [and she would have to walk home] I have to pay additional each month to the school to keep her until I get off work at 6.”

Starla Hodo: “My son’s car insurance because for boys, the insurance agency puts them in this category where their insurance is higher than my daughter’s insurance. I think that they should see his driving record before they decided to charge more for him than my daughter. He’s 18 and has been driving since 16 so I think there should be some sort of drop in rates if his driving record is good.”