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Compiled by Erica Wright

With the year winding to a close, we asked Birmingham-area residents, What has been memorable about 2019 for you?

Emily Defrance: “I was recently involved in a house fire on Halloween night, I lost all of my materialistic belongings but it changed my perspective on a lot of things and what really matters in life . . . that’s people and relationships and making memories; with that I learned a huge life lesson this year.”

John Brown: “I started up my own company and moved into Innovation Depot. My company is called Sten Co. and I’m making biodegradable polymers for the food and packaging industry . . . so being able to get my company off the ground this year has just been really great.”

Sheila Grandy: “I think what has been memorable for me having lived in Birmingham for the last 20 years . . . this year I’ve seen a lot of people helping others and being mindful of those kind of things. I’ve seen people put things together to help the homeless . . . I’ve really seen people come together in different parts that may not normally combine and help others.”

Lisa Carl: “Being new in Birmingham and experiencing Birmingham for my first year. I moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and I moved here for a job opportunity. Birmingham is cool, it’s really [moving] fast forward in economic development and the growth of its people and seeing some investments downtown makes it very exciting.”