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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What are you doing to stay mentally and physically fit during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Breancha Scott: “I go bike riding and do at-home workouts just to get some exercise in or I might go for a run or a walk. Mentally, I meditate. I have a time during the day where I meditate or read my Bible and do a devotional . . . that really helps to keep me in good spirits and not focus so much on what is going on around on the outside.”

Teresa Levert: “I take out time every day to pray and listen to inspirational messages. It keeps my spirits high. My family and I also like to spend some time watching [comedy movies or shows] to keep us laughing… my household has been very blessed and healthy during the pandemic and we have enjoyed our time together. My [eight-year-old] daughter and I have been doing daily workout videos to give us some type of physical activity.”

Courtney Gulley: “I’ve run three miles a day, trying to stay in shape and not get too lazy especially since all of the gyms are closed right now because of what’s going on. As far as the mental, I do a lot of meditating but I also try to do things that are enjoyable such as listening to [R&B] music or working on my car, things that put my mind at ease.”

Jazmine Payne: “I’ve been doing yoga, it not only helps mentally with the meditation but it does help physically too because it’s not as easy as people might think and it is a little bit strenuous. Aside from the meditation with yoga, to stay mentally strong, I journal a lot, I write a lot of poetry or manifestations for when this is over, I also host a podcast [Black Women Diaries] so I do a lot of work on ways to become better and stronger once this is all over.”