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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham area residents, Who are workers you see as heroes in the pandemic?

Caroline Crafton: “I really think anybody that is working right now is an essential worker and they are all heroes, especially restaurants because they kind of give people excitement of enjoying their favorite foods [even if it is takeout] … the heroes are the mom and pop shops and restaurants because they bring excitement and joy to an otherwise not eventful day.”

Paulina De La Cruz: “Nurses and doctors of course . . . they’re on the frontlines and they have dedicated themselves to working hard and some of them have gone without seeing their family or friends in order to protect them… I really want to thank them for all that they’re doing right now.”

Natalie Humphrey: “I would have to say respiratory therapists because I am one. This is a breathing disorder or disease . . . and it is all intertwined with the lungs and the heart so if one stops working the other will too… we are basically on the frontlines helping along with nurses and doctors and we don’t get a lot of recognition but we just try to do what we do and save lives.”

Pedro Sierra: “The fast food and restaurant workers are the heroes . . . they’re putting their lives on the line going into work every day and providing people with an important service that I think we take for granted sometimes. After this, I hope people are a little bit nicer to those who work in fast food or restaurants because we’re seeing how important their job is during this pandemic.”