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Birmingham Mayor Woodfin joins ‘HBCU Students for Biden’ Town Hall

The Birmingham Times

On Thursday, Birmingham Mayor Randall L. Woodfin joined the national Co-Chairs of “HBCU Students for Biden” to discuss Vice President Biden’s policies and to answer questions.

“A couple of weeks ago, Vice President Biden released what he called ‘Lift Every Voice’, a plan for black America,” said Woodfin, a Morehouse College alum. “In that plan, he made it plain: African-Americans have been dealt the short end of the stick. And when he comes to the middle class, this is a generational issue. One I believe that cannot be fixed overnight … This is an unfair system that perpetuates debt and poverty in the black community.”

Woodfin, who has already endorsed Biden for U.S. President in the November general election, said the vice president wants to make public colleges and universities tuition free for families with income below $125,000.

“He also looks to invest more than $70 billion in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). But I think there’s some other things we need to talk about,” Woodfin said. “He also wants to provide high quality universal pre-K for every three and four year olds in our country, so that every child gets out to a good start. A good start is what this is all about.”

The mayor pointed out that Morehouse College is one of 101 HBCUs in the country serving more than 200,000 students. “I am happy that the vice president’s plan exists because this is not only an investment in those 228,000-plus students. But it’s a down payment on their American Dream,” Woodfin said.
In response to a question about what is at stake in this election for African Americans Woodfin said, “just the belief that we can succeed … And I think in America it’s hard to believe that you can, a black man can be running down the street running down the street and something happens to him and he will never be able to return home to his family. That’s unacceptable. That’s not being a vigilante, that’s being a bully. I don’t care what anybody says. And so I think a lot’s at stake as it relates to the black identity.”

Other issues at stake, Woodfin said, is “health care . . . [and] the ability to have opportunity to participate in the American Dream, to have a level playing field as it relates to obtaining an education, not just in college but K through 12. So many things are at stake … The young people that are participating now you have the power … You are the now generation and you can and will make the difference in November if you exercise your power.”

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