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Compiled by Sydney Melson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What impact, if any, will COVID-19 have on your Thanksgiving?

HEAVENLEE PAGAN: “COVID probably won’t have much of an impact on Thanksgiving. My family gatherings are generally pretty small, like me and my mom and my grandmother. We eat and talk, my mom likes traditional Thanksgiving things, my grandmother will eat anything and I’ve been on a largely vegan diet. I’m looking forward to talking to them . . . it’s always a good time.

RODERICK MCCLOUD: “COVID will have practically no effect on my Thanksgiving, because my family doesn’t really invite anyone. Our Thanksgiving dinners are usually a closed thing. We all cook, my mom’s the head chef but my sisters and me, and my brother sometimes go around the kitchen and help. Once the food’s finished, we just sit around and watch movies. I’m looking forward to the . . . mac and cheese so bad. My mom’s mac and cheese is amazing.

ASHLYN BONDURANT: “For the past 10 years, we’ve been going to my sister-in-law’s family’s house, it’s a huge gathering and it’s been cancelled. It’s so upsetting because they normally fry a turkey, so I don’t get to have fried turkey this year . . . I guess I’ll be having a weak, less seasoned turkey this year. I do get to look forward to more close-knit family time and play games like Cards Against Humanity, Quiplash, Rummy and Family Feud.

MORRIS WEATHERLY: “I’m a single person, I’ll probably be spending Thanksgiving by myself. I planned on watching sports and maybe cooking hot dogs, hamburgers and frying some french fries. Depending on what’s on TV, I might watch some sports like football. I’m a cook, so if I had a lot of people to cook I’d make a small hen, dressing, maybe some collard greens and macaroni and cheese. Banana pudding for dessert, I’m great at that.”

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