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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked area residents to name a place in Alabama, outside of Birmingham, that they enjoy.

HANNAH FINLEY: “Huntsville. I have friends and family who live in Huntsville and aside from Birmingham, I think it is probably the other ‘big city’ and there is so much to do and so much diversity there . . . Before COVID, I would go a few times a year and would go out to eat and go to different bars, there is more of a variety of things like that to do and I also visited the space center which was really cool.”

BAYLEE SNIDER: “Gulf Shores. My family has a beach house there so we go whenever we can, we haven’t gone since COVID of course . . . we usually go about three times a year and it’s just so peaceful and relaxing being on the beach and by the pool or the ocean… they have really good restaurants down there too.”

TEISHA GREEN: “Selma, my hometown. It’s very historic and I like to go see where people marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and visit the church where a lot of the [Civil Right] organizing took place. It’s a small town but it’s my home and there is nothing like home so I just enjoy being from such a historic place and enjoying some of the things we have to offer.”

ASHLEY CLEVELAND: “Cullman. It’s smaller and simpler and not as packed and it’s not as fast paced a city as Birmingham. I enjoy going to Smith Lake up there and I also like the Veterans Memorial Park. It’s also a lot of outdoor activities I can do there like fishing and hiking… it’s just a small town that I enjoy.”