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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents during American Heart Month, What are you doing to take better care of yourself?

ALLISON HISS: “With COVID-19 being around, I try to get out of the house and get some exercise. I take my son for a walk . . . since I can’t go to the gym very often. I go to the park, or the walking trails like Railroad Park or the trail at Vulcan… I just try to stay as active as I can.”

ANGELA NASH: “I play golf twice every weekend, I walk and carry my golf clubs so that is all of the exercise I get during the week, but I am trying to cut out all of the sweets and mostly breads out of my diet . . . I try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate more of that into my diet as well as my family’s.”

GARY NASH: “Several years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was a low stage and slow progressing form of the cancer and so I did my research to find out what foods and things I should eat and I changed my diet completely. I cut out all of the junk foods, sodas, sugar, cut back on red meat.”

KAYLA BAILEY: “I have committed to drinking less sodas, I’m not really a candy person but I like ice cream and cakes . . . so I have tried to minimize eating those if not completely cutting those out of my diet… of course I drink more water and also try to get the recommended eight hours of sleep so my body can be well rested.”