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Compiled by Erica Wright

Alabama’s mask mandate expires next month. We asked Birmingham-area residents, Will you continue to wear a mask?

WESLEY KILGORE: “Yes, because it’s easy. There is no reason not to wear a mask. Even with people being vaccinated, everyone is not vaccinated and some people may not even want to get it . . . It’s not that much of a pain [to wear a mask] … it’s the simplest thing you can do to protect those around you.”

MATTHEW ENGLAND: “I will probably only wear it if other people around me are wearing it. I only [wear it because it’s] supposed to be done and if other people aren’t doing it, I probably won’t, I haven’t really worried too much about it.”

JAMES TARRANT III: “I will continue to wear a mask because I am trying to stay safe. All of this time I haven’t had COVID and I’m not trying to have it… other people can do what they want, but I’m going to continue to wear a mask.”

JENNIFER ALLISON: “Yes, because I feel like not everybody is vaccinated and it is better to be safe than sorry. We have a while before we reach herd immunity and I just don’t know if I trust others to not go out if they have been exposed to COVID, or have COVID, so I want to continue to wear my mask.”