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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, During severe weather, what’s your emergency plan?

MACAYLIN CROWLEY: “I go to the basement in our house. It has no windows and we just bunk down and get settled down there. We have a basement floor that leads to a closed garage so we go to the basement and watch TV . . . and see where the storm or weather is headed and if it gets worse we go into the actual garage that is in the back corner that is underground.”

JESSICA HAMILTON: “It depends on if I’m at work or at home. If I’m at home, I have a storm shelter that I get in and if I’m at work, we get into the stairways or hallways or the bathrooms . . . [at home] my storm shelter is down in my basement, it’s almost like a closet so that’s where I am normally if I’m at home.”

NATALIE WILLIAMS: “We have a safe space down in our basement, half of it is underground and that’s where we have all of our stuff like helmets, first aid kits . . . we have a refrigerator with bottled water and all of that stuff.

NGAR DEIGHTON: “During severe weather the first thing I do is turn on [ABC 3340 weatherman] James Spann and I already have my emergency kit which [are] backup batteries, flashlights, boots, helmets and cords to charge all of our electronics and then we have our safe place, which is a closet on the main floor of my house.”