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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, If you had $100,000 in discretionary cash to spend on anything, other than family, what would it be?

JENNA LAUCIRICA: “. . . . I would probably get myself a new car and use the rest for home renovations. I would get a Chevy Blazer because I have always wanted one and I think that’s a really nice car and my house could really use some new upgrades, new appliances, décor.”

JASMINE FELLS: “I would use it to travel. With $100,000 I think I can go to just about one place on each continent at least. I can see the world and I might take someone with me, someone new who probably wouldn’t have a chance to travel . . . and gain new experiences since I have the money. I guess the first place would be Africa… going along the Ivory Coast.”

JASON MEADOWS: “I would probably buy some property. Here in Birmingham, I know of a lot of areas that would be some good investments and so I would buy property and redevelop it, maybe some apartment complexes … and just try to make it where people can have some nice, affordable housing.”

MARTHA THOMPSON: “I would use it to go on a family vacation to some Caribbean Island, probably Costa Rica. I love the beaches and I love being with my family, it’s just three of us, myself, my husband and my daughter and we would do lots of spas and lots of excursions and have lots of great food on vacation especially since we have all of this money to blow. I would just want to create experiences for my family with it.”