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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is a card or board game from your youth that you really enjoyed?

KASEY NATION: “Go Fish with my sisters, we would play that forever when we got bored or just were in the mood to play a game where we didn’t have to go outside. My favorite board game was checkers. I would play checkers with anybody who would entertain me for hours like my mom or my dad . . . I liked that it kept me on my toes.”

KELSI CANTWELL: “It’s a card game called Euchre with four people and everyone plays on teams of two and it’s like a trick card game… if you’ve never played it, it’s really fun to play and I used to play it all the time and was really good at it and would win every time.”

CELESTE CANTWELL: “Operation . . . you really had to concentrate because if you didn’t you would get buzzed, which was still fun because I liked the noise… it also helped me to learn body parts at a young age . . .  it can be seen as an educational game too which is good for kids.”

KIMBERLY GORDON: “Monopoly because everybody loves money . . . I probably played it every day as a child with my friends or family, they probably got tired of me, but I loved that game so much. It’s a good game to play at a party or even when you’re spending time with family or friends.”