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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, How did you spend your summer break when school let out for the year?

EVAN GARRETT: “I’m doing an internship at Birmingham Southern College in the chemistry department, I go to school there, I’m a rising sophomore. This internship is pretty cool because I am a chemistry major so learning more about my field of study and how it works is great.”

BRITNEY JONES: “I would spend my summers working, shopping and reading. I worked as a waitress and when I wasn’t working, I was probably out at the mall with my friends. I remember one summer [reading] a book by [pastor] Joel Osteen about faith and religion.”

LYNDSY YIM: “I spent my summer playing or practicing golf trying to make the golf team in high school and working two parttime jobs. I worked as a sales associate and even though I spent a lot of the time working in the summer, it was still fun being somewhat independent and earning my own money.”

ABIGAIL LONG: “My mom was a stay-at-home mom and [she] had a garden so I would work out there with her and my grandparents had a pool so we would go there and swim some days and I’d hang out with my cousins. We didn’t go on a lot of family vacations because my dad worked a lot.”