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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham area residents, If you could live anywhere besides Birmingham, where would that place be?

JESSICA VERDOUX: “D.C. I was there two summers ago, and the summertime in DC is really nice; it’s kind of a melting pot of different parts… [with places like] Chinatown and where the capital is. It’s really fun at night and I feel like you would never run out of things to do, and you always run into new and exciting people. Everyone comes from everywhere there.”

RACHEL HALL: “Texas, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Texas. Even when it comes to having jobs, there are a lot of opportunities. My friend was there a couple years ago, and she actually was doing good. Some of my family moved out there and have been doing good. I’ve heard Dallas has a cool tech scene.”

ALLISON KOSZYK: “I would want to live anywhere by the water for sure. I had an internship in Hawaii and fell in love. I really love Pacific life — the blue oceans, the warm weather. It was so beautiful. Also, the atmosphere is very urbanized in the city. If you go out about 20 minutes into the city to Waikiki, you can see where they shot Jurassic Park.”

CLAIRE MADDREY: “Taipei in Taiwan. My uncle is married to a woman who’s from Taipei and everything I’ve heard about it from her just sounds like such a very interesting and cool place. It’s very modern and cosmopolitan. It’s a culture that I’m not used to, and she always said that she would take me over there and let me live with her parents for a little while…I’m looking forward to that.”