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Compiled by Haley Wilson

Other than your phone, what’s something can’t you go without?

DANIELLE MORGAN: “I would say chocolate, because everyone needs a little joy in their life and chocolate can definitely provide that. But it can only be milk chocolate because that’s my favorite and the only one I will eat really. You can probably throw some caramel in it as well I just need my chocolate. I get these really good milk chocolates called Bear Claws from The Birmingham Candy company.”

COURTNEY ALLEN: “My best friend Gunner. I think it’s crucial to the human experience to have a companion to get through your tough times. If you think about it you could be having a terrible day, but when you get home and be around the company of another person that will always make you feel right like natural medicine.”

ALEX HAYES: “Sunscreen. I am currently studying medicine at The University of Alabama and one of the paths that I’m interested in is dermatology and I’ve been on a long kind of journey since 2018 with my skin care . . . and I’ve learned that sunscreen is one of the most important parts of skin care so I use sunscreen every day even if I don’t leave my house.”

MEGAN ROBINSON: “Wet wipes, I don’t leave my house without them even before the pandemic. I have some in my purse and in my car. I use them to tidy up and sanitize. I think it’s just good to keep with you whenever you need to clean a spill or even when you just feel like you might have germs on you. Always good to invest in a nice wet wipe.”