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Today voters decide two final seats on Birmingham City Council

City Councilor William Parker (top left) will face J.T. Moore (top right) in the Oct.5 runoff election for the District 4 seat and Councilor John Hilliard (bottom left) will face LaTonya Tate (bottom right) in the runoff election for the District 9 seat. (wbhm.org)

By Ryan Michaels

The Birmingham Times

Two incumbents and two newcomers are vying for seats in the Birmingham runoff elections for City Council held today. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

In district 4, incumbent council president William Parker will face activist J.T. Moore. Parker garnered, 1,501 votes, or 41.9 percent, of the vote in the district, while Moore received 830 votes, or 23.1 percent, in the August 24 general election.

In district, 9, Incumbent John Hilliard is facing Alabama Justice Initiative CEO LaTonya Tate. Hilliard received 2,212 votes, or 49.2 percent, of the vote last month while Tate received 1,320, or 29.3 percent.

Parker, a former state Rep. for Alabama District 59, said he wants to secure more funding for the district, including from the $53.1 million American Rescue Plan money the city received from the federal government. Cooperation with the mayor’s office is an important part of this goal, he said.

“My job is to continue to advocate for the residents of district 4, but a lot of that is in the purview of the mayor…we have got to have the cooperation of the mayor’s office,” Parker said. “I’m a strong advocate for residents in my district.”

Moore, the 33-year-old Woodlawn Coordinator for Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham, said he relates to issues in his district.

“I truly do care about their concerns because their concerns are mine,” he said. “I live in the district. The same issues that they have, I have them too, so it’s not something that is far off to me…I go through the same things.”

Hilliard, a former a state Rep. for Alabama District 60, said his work as chair of the council’s Economic Development committee, and projects in his district like getting funding for One Pratt Park are crucial to his success. Just after the general election, Hilliard said he was ready to fight for a second term.

“I got my tennis shoes on, and I’m ready to run and do everything I have to do and use every resource at my fingertips to make it happen,” he said.

Tate said her experience with the Alabama Justice Initiative and her ability to listen to residents make her the best candidate for the district.

“We’ve got to listen to what the people are saying in these neighborhoods and make sure we’re pushing their agenda and just staying true to who I am, an advocate, a person that is willing to fight,” Tate said. “I think I showed that in this race, that I’m a true fighter.”

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William Parker (Incumbent)

Age: 49

Residence: Birmingham (Collegeville)

Political experience: Birmingham city councilor, District 4, 2013-present; Alabama State Representative, District 59, 1998-2002

Professional experience: Former aide to the late Councilor Maxine Parker and a legislative aide to former U.S. Rep. Earl Hilliard

Education: Talladega College, 1994

 Significant endorsements: None reported

 Top contributors: None reported

Main Issues: N/A

 Campaign: facebook.com/WilliamParkerDistrict4/

Challenger Jonathan “JT” Moore

Birmingham City Council, District 4

 J.T. Moore

 Age: 33

Residence: Birmingham (South Woodlawn)

Political races: None

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Woodlawn coordinator, Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham, 2019-present; manager of community partnerships, Woodlawn Foundation, 2018-19; Teen Center coordinator/programs manager/clubhouse director, A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club, 2012-18; blueprints mentor, Alabama Possible, 2011-12

Civic experience: I3 Academy Young Professional, 2020-present; Words on Wheels Bus, 2019-present

Education: UAB, 2012-14; University of West Alabama, 2007-08; Tuskegee University, 2006-07

 Significant endorsements: None reported

 Top contributors: Self, Loan, $1,088.09; Dominique Carreker, $1,000; Daniel Edwards, $700

 Main Issues: Restoring power to citizens; building synergy among citizens through Neighborhood Association, equipping them with information, and working with them to address the issues in their neighborhoods; addressing public safety issues by developing block watches that partner with police and issue specific nonprofit organizations to make significant impact in communities; taking responsibility for establishing ways to promote pride in the district through beautification, celebrating both individuals and blocks within neighborhoods that showcase pride in the pride; finding ways to make it easier for residents to acquire vacant lots through the Land Bank Authority; working to establish a dedicated entertainment space for young people.

 Campaign: moorefor4.com



John Hilliard (Incumbent)

Age: 60

Residence: 1725 Castleberry Way Birmingham

Political races: Birmingham City Council District 9, 2017; Alabama Legislature, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2010

Political experience: Birmingham City Council District 9, 2017-present; Alabama State Representative, House District 60, 1993-2003

Professional experience: Private business owner, in real estate and bonding

Civic experience: State Democratic Executive Committee, 20 years; delegate to two presidential conventions; Jefferson County Citizens Coalition and foster care and youth organizations

Education: Alabama State University, bachelor’s degree in business administration management; A.H. Parker High School

 Significant endorsements: None listed

 Top contributors: Millennials PAC, $4,000; Richard Schmalz, $2,000; Southern Strategy Group PAC, $1,500; Blount Equipment Services LLC, $1,500; Anthony Ifediba, $1,500

 Main Issues: Promote public safety, education and economic development in the neighborhoods; support funding of community policing initiatives and improving schools to tackle public safety and economic development issues; ensure that the City Council budgets more money Birmingham City Schools and funds after-school programs that prepare students for career opportunities; bring retail businesses and recruit new industrial jobs to District 9; work to make it possible for residents to take ownership of vacant homes and vacant lots and revitalize the community from within

 Campaign: johnhilliardd9.com

LaTonya Tate

 Age: 56

Residence: Birmingham (North Birmingham)

Political races: None

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Probation and parole officer, Florida Department of Corrections, 2006-14; Jefferson County Department of Health, 2001-07

Civic experience: Community activist, voter registration

Education: B.S. in criminal justice administration and security, M.S. in criminal justice administration, University of Phoenix; M.S. in public administration/government and policy, Grand Canyon University

 Significant endorsements: Elect Black Women PAC, Building Bridges for America

 Top contributors: Jon Love, $500; Elizabeth Shannon, $311.84; Maurice Tate, $208.30; Pat Vandermeer, $208.30

 Main Issues: Invest in community programs working to help restore rights of formerly incarcerated individuals and connect them with new job training as well as educational and mentoring opportunities to ensure their success long-term; work with community organizations and activists to create a comprehensive violence reduction initiative that addresses mental health and socioeconomic contributing factors to gun violence; create a fines and fees program for citizens who owe unpaid costs due to their inability to pay; introduce a Ban the Box Initiative; work with grassroots organizations on voter restoration/rights to register and educated formerly incarcerated individuals of their right to vote

 Campaign: tate4birmingham.com