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Compiled By Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your favorite meal of the day? breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

SAM MARCRUM: “Brunch … normally I brunch on the weekend, so [that means] no work [and] that’s a huge plus. My favorite restaurant around here that does brunch, would be The Essential on Morris Avenue. They have a breakfast sandwich [that has] ham, egg, and cheddar with some Valentino sauce . . . and can eat it anytime of the day.”

ONIKA ABRAMS: Dinner because I love Perry’s [Steakhouse]. It is really so good. Don’t think I’m weird, but I always get their wedge salad. It is not as basic as it sounds. It has bleu cheese, bacon bits, and it’s drenched in this really good dressing . . . they have really good steaks too because it’s a steakhouse.

JULIUS FOSTER: “Dinner. Before I switched over my eating lifestyle, I used to eat everything… all the unhealthy foods, fried foods, things with all that butter on it. But now I enjoy mostly fish dishes like tilapia, and I try to make sure I have vegetables, broccoli or something like that. It’s about living longer and taking care of yourself.”

SIERRA MATER: ‘Lunch is my favorite; for whatever reason I am always hungrier in the middle of the day. I come to the Pizitz [Food Court in downtown Birmingham] a lot to eat at Unos Tacos. They have really good street tacos, I get the pulled pork carnitas, and that’s really all I ever get because they are just that good.”