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Compiled by Ryan Michaels

We asked Birmingham-area residents, what’s a website or social media hard for you to live without?

DEWAYNE JONES: I’m addicted to Instagram, right now — my friends’ stories, hashtags to see what’s actually going on in certain places . . . I am also an area sales manager here in the downtown Birmingham . . . so when I go on Instagram, I can also see what’s going on in the city and things to come so it’s pretty addictive.

DENZEL OKINEDO: Probably Reddit. I use it pretty much for everything, like news, music, sports, I just go to the front page, and I’ll scroll, and then I have some subreddits that I’ll subscribe to . . . I like hearing about people’s firsthand experiences with certain things as opposed something that’s specifically targeted, like an article or an ad, and I feel like these days you can’t tell the difference between an article and an ad anymore.

ELENA BAUER: I technically have an Instagram [account] and Facebook, but I don’t find myself on them a lot.  I’d like to stay in touch with people on Facebook or just like see where they’re at . . . I just haven’t found that anything really good has come from [me] being on it, and instead, you get in your head about how you should look, or things you should be doing and everything else.

PAYTON CATO: Everybody’s answer is probably Instagram. I do enjoy just like checking up on influencers that I follow and seeing what the latest trends are. Also, I enjoy looking at the Birmingham Business Journal to kind of know what’s going on . . .so I would say those two are big ones.