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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your favorite animal when visiting the zoo?

JESSICA DABBS: “I like the alligators because they’re literally living dinosaurs. Even though I would never want to be close to one outside of the zoo they are really cool to watch from afar.”

KRISTAL WILLIAMS: “I love snakes. They are so mysterious, beautiful, and dangerous at the same time. I can stare at and watch them all day . . . It’s cool and also scary how they can snap in one second when they feel threatened.”

SARAH JOHNSON: “I like the seals. Mainly because they are so cute, and they are actually really intelligent. It’s cool to watch them do different tricks.”

ZIGGIE ALDRIDGE: “Elephants because they are so huge and have great memories, and two because they are so protective of their elephant families. So, it’s interesting to watch one care for its baby or defend it.”