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Body Enhancement Specialist Kimberly Prevo on Safe Ways To Improve Looks

By Nicole S. Daniel
The Birmingham Times

Kimberly Prevo, a certified body contouring specialist, remembers when she struggled with the way her body looked and how it made her feel.

“I was overweight, and I knew there had to be other people suffering in silence,” she said. “So, I got into the [body contouring] industry for myself and others.”

In 2018, Prevo founded Divine Exquisite Nature, located in Homewood, Alabama, to provide a noninvasive way for clients to achieve a goal, whether it’s a self-esteem issue or an appearance issue.

The demand for body contouring is rapidly increasing, and interest in noninvasive approaches has also grown because clients may see immediate results after every session.

“They feel lighter, some lose inches or a pound or two, and they can see a physical difference,” said Prevo. “The procedure is a safe, pain-free, and noninvasive way to treat areas of concern without the downtime and surgery.”

Prevo added, “Nonsurgical procedures aren’t talked about enough due to social media. People will go and get a Brazilian Butt Lift [BBL] and post [their new look] on social media as if they have been in the gym working hard to have the body they are showing off, and that’s not real.”

The BBL—which has increased in popularity because of social media models and influencers showcasing what appear to be overnight transformations—is a fat-grafting procedure during which a skilled cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs via liposuction and then strategically injects a portion of that fat into the hips and buttocks, altering the shape and size.

The pros of having a BBL, according to Prevo, are that it can give you a natural look, the incisions are said to be small, the results can be long-lasting, and it can contour the entire body. The cons of BBL are that it is, indeed, surgery, plus there are strict recovery times and significant weight restrictions afterward.

At her business, Prevo does nonsurgical butt enhancements, including a vacuum therapy butt lift procedure, a new method that lifts your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups to help tighten around the butt area while also helping to break down unwanted fatty tissue deposits and cellulite.

Life Changes

Prevo, 37, has two daughters—JaMiyah Andrews, 14, and Aubri Byrd, 7—and was born and raised in Birmingham. She graduated from Wenonah High School in 2003 and worked overnight as a shift leader at a fast food restaurant before enrolling at Lawson State Community College (LSCC), which led to several medical assistant jobs at Birmingham area hospitals and clinics. Just before completing her studies at LSCC, she transferred to Strayer University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in health administration in May 2022.

Eventually, Prevo established her Total Life Changes (TLC) line, through which she conducted weight-loss teaching that encouraged clients to add natural vitamins and natural supplements to their everyday routines. Soon thereafter, she looked for something to accommodate the needs of clients who wanted to look and feel better but could not afford weight-loss surgery.

“Being that I worked in the medical field, I got to listen to people talk about their appearance and how it made them feel mentally,” she said. “I decided to find something that could help them—and me, too.”

Benefits of Body Contouring

Prevo was candid about why she got into the body contouring business: “I was insecure about my own appearance, and I had my own issues that I struggled with.”

And that served as the inspiration for Divine Exquisite Nature, where Prevo offers a broad range of services, such as nonsurgical body contouring and butt enhancements through procedures like lipo cavitation, which uses “ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin.”

Other offerings and treatments include vaginal steaming (a natural remedy that involves squatting or sitting over a pot of hot, steaming water that is infused with herbs), sauna blankets (which mimic the effects of sitting in a sauna), dry brushing (a body massage done with a dry, stiff-bristled brush to help eliminate flaky skin, increase circulation, and even improve the appearance of cellulite), and cupping (a therapy that involves creating a suction force to pull blood into the skin, easing pain and other problems) Before starting any service, Prevo makes sure the area is well-sterilized with alcohol.

Although these procedures may go well and deliver immediate results, it is important to note that weight can return if a client eats a high-calorie diet, for instance, so Prevo recommends natural vitamins and other supplements sold at her location. She offers more than 20 products that are divided into six categories: weight management, full-body nutrition, energy and fitness, relaxation and relief, women’s health, and hair and skin care.

“Providing these services for clients with self-esteem issues provides some accountability and ensures that they are not alone,” Prevo said. “Body contouring is a procedure all about self-confidence. You have done all the other work, and there are just a few areas that are embarrassing. This is quick and relatively painless and an easy way to tackle those unwanted fat areas with no recovery time.”

These types of services may help to improve social interactions, as well, according to Prevo: “[They may] improve your sex life, depression, anxiety, and help you to thrive in the workplace.”

She added that the benefits of body contouring are not just external.

“Internally, it is relaxing physically and mentally for clients,” she said. “It’s like getting a massage that makes you feel great inside and out. … ‘The best 45 minutes ever,’ is what most of my clients say.”

Though the COVID-19 pandemic caused some financial challenges and the loss of some clients, it led to Prevo “[changing] locations, which was a good for clientele and location.”

Before relocating to its current Homewood site, Divine Exquisite Nature was located in Birmingham’s Crestwood neighborhood. Since the move, Prevo’s business has rebounded. She now serves 247 clients, all of whom participate in consultation sessions before treatments commence.

“During consultations, I always ask my clients what their goals are because realistically nothing happens overnight,” she said. “I do one 40-minute session on your body, and you will see immediate results and feel amazing after we’re done.”

To learn more about Divine Exquisite Nature, visit www.divineexquisite.com