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Carlee Russell Arrested on Friday, Charged with 2 Misdemeanors


By Ryan Michaels

The Birmingham Times

Carlee Russell on Friday turned herself in and was charged with two misdemeanors related to her faked abduction.

Booked around noon in Hoover City Jail, Russell was charged with one count of false reporting to law enforcement authorities and one count of falsely reporting an incident, both of which are class A misdemeanors with $1,000 bonds.

If sentenced, Russell could serve up to a year in jail and be compelled to pay $6,000 per charge.

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said “many are shocked and appalled that Miss Russell is only being charged with two misdemeanors despite all the panic and disruption her actions caused.”

“Let me assure you, I too share the same frustration, but existing laws only allowed the charges that were filed to be filed,” Derzis said.

Derzis said he will use Russell’s case to advocate with the Alabama Legislature for stronger penalties against people who falsely report kidnappings and violent crimes.

The police department presented the case to Jefferson County District Attorney Lynneice Washington, who after conferring with a circuit court, referred the case back to municipal court.

Additionally, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall on Friday congratulated Hoover Police Department (HPD) for its work on Russell’s case.

“Obviously, this [case] captured attention not only the allegations themselves, but also the concern about a possible victim and being able to return her home. The work that was done by the [HPD] was monumental in its lift, and the results of that work you’re seeing come to fruition today with the charges that have been levied,” Marshall said.

The crimes are not “victimless,” Marshall said.

“There are significant hours spent, resources expended as a result of this investigation, and not only that, but the many men and women who are civilians that wore those yellow vests on a hot afternoon and evening looking for someone they thought was abducted, trying to be of assistance,” he said.

The AG added that his office will look at the existing evidence in Russell’s faked kidnapping to determine if any additional can be brought.

Specifically, Derzis said Hoover police are also currently working to determine a dollar amount for the resources spent on Russell’s case and discussing with Marshall’s office whether law enforcement could seek reimbursement from Russell.