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Dorian Fomby Finds Role of Lifetime in ‘Shrek The Musical’

By Nicole S. Daniel The Birmingham Times Auditioning to become a part of Red Mountain Theatre’s cast for Shrek was a no brainer for 29-year-old Dorian...

Word on The Street

Compiled by Haley Wilson We asked Birmingham-area residents, Which are your favorite streaming services? ARNETIA OWENS: “I love Hulu. Mainly because it has all the main...

Word on the Street

Compiled by Erica Wright We asked Birmingham-area residents, Do you prefer streaming your movies at home or visiting the theater? VALERIE REYES: “The movie theater. It’s...

Chris Rock Could Buy Your Block

Ricardo A. Hazell ©2016, The Shadow League Chris Rock could literally buy your block with his new $40 million deal for his next two stand up...