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Seniors praise decision of Alabama Public Service Commission


SeniorsJobs, a stronger Alabama economy and the pocketbooks of seniors score a big win with decision that upholds current regulatory structure of energy industry.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The 60 Plus Association on behalf of its 80,000 senior citizen supporters in the Yellowhammer state recently offered a heartfelt “thank you” to the Alabama Public Service Commission for their decision upholding the current regulatory framework affecting the Alabama Power Company.
Proposed changes supported by environmental groups as well as the AARP would have imposed heavy new burdens on the energy industry that likely would have led to job losses and rate hikes for Alabama families and seniors, many of who are on fixed incomes.
Said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, “We would especially like to thank Commissioners Jeremy Oden and Twinkle Cavanaugh not only for the transparency of this hearing process, but most importantly for their common-sense decision to uphold the current regulatory structure which serves to provide the citizens of Alabama with reliable energy at a fair and stable price.  The hysterics of the opposition were unfounded, and this fair and open process proved that in full public view.
“In these difficult economic times it is crucial that energy costs be kept in line to protect the standard of living of Alabama families, and the most vulnerable among us. Commissioners Oden and Cavanaugh are heroes for throwing a lifeline to the hard working people of this great state who currently are having a difficult time keeping their heads above water. Regretfully Commissioner Terry Dunn chose instead to throw the people of Alabama an anchor, voting in support of the extreme agenda of the EPA and AARP that will kill jobs and result in higher power bills for all.
“Seniors need to ensure their voice is heard in this crucial debate that affects the financial well-being of every family. We urge you to take the time to thank Commissioners Oden and Cavanaugh, as well as ask Commissioner Dunn why he is taking the extreme position of the AARP to burden Alabama industry with unnecessary regulations and Alabama families with higher utility bills.”


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