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Education and Business Opportunities are created by Democratic and Republican teamwork

Governor Robert Bentley and Rep. Rod Scott, center, talk with students from Huffman High School at the opening of AIDT’s Alabama Workforce Training Center. Alabama Workforce Training Center Opens in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and business leaders credit State Rep. Rod Scott and State Rep. Paul DeMarco for setting the stage for creation of the Alabama Workforce Training Center in Birmingham.

Bentley joined Birmingham Mayor William Bell, Scott, DeMarco and area business leaders at the ribbon-cutting opening of the new training center, located at 3500 Sixth Ave. South.

Governor Bentley and Brian Hilson, Birmingham Business Alliance Executive Director said the process for creating the center started with the vision of Scott and DeMarco.

“This facility idea was brought to us a year ago by Rep. Demarco and Rep. Scott,” Bentley said. “Their idea for creating a facility for training fits perfectly with what we were already trying to do. I told them let’s work together to make this happen.”

Scott thanked the BBA, Gov. Bentley, and state legislators for working together with groups like the Associated Builders and Contractors to make it happen.

“Too often we talk about gridlock,” Scott, D-Fairfield, House District 55, said. “With this effort, we get to talk about partnerships and what can happen when alliances are formed. We brought the components together of education and business. The Alabama Workforce Training Center will put people back to work by teaching them the business skills they need to succeed.”

Mayor Bell stated, “This will help get young people off the streets, trained with skills and provide for their family.  Through this center, we can give hope.”

AIDT has already begun holding training classes in the facility with the AIDT Leadership Development Skills I. Those that complete the two-day course will receive the AIDT Certified Leadership I certification, and will be better skilled at communication, teamwork and motivation techniques.  The center will have 10 – 15 employees and work closely with the Alabama Community College System.  AIDT operates five training centers throughout the state – Huntsville, Tanner, Opelika and two in Mobile.

There is no cost for participants. The class is designed for team leaders, supervisors and managers, and a minimum of 10 participants is needed for each class. To register, email info@aidt.edu or call (334) 242-4158.


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