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A New Candidate Enters the Race for the Mayor of Bessemer


Andre Petties has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Bessemer, Ala.

With over 30 years of experience in government and community service, Andre Petties promises strong leadership, Bessemer citizen involvement and a continuous effort to rid the city of crime, neighborhood blight, and to develop plans that will increase business and economic development throughout with a commitment to revitalize “The Marvel City.”

Petties is a hands-on candidate, tenaciously walking the neighborhoods of Bessemer to interact with citizens to better understand the city’s needs, and wants to use his candidacy to provide economic parity for all its citizens. In partnership with local schools and colleges, Petties plans to address the need for improved educational and vocational training programs and opportunities to not only create job readiness but to guide and develop citizens into successful career paths.

Improvements in the areas of Public Safety, Community Development, Business Development, Education, Housing, and Transportation serve as motivators for Petties’ run for office. According to Petties, “Along with lack of business development in the downtown area, Public Safety and Community Development in Bessemer are my top priorities.” Petties adds that crime prevention, blighted communities, lack of community resources and flooding are just some of the major concerns for the City of Bessemer and are atop of his priorities.

For information about Andre Petties including biographical information, a calendar of upcoming events, and his position on important issues affecting the City of Bessemer visit the website www.pettiesforprogress.com


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