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Baltimore’s Youth: Champions, Not Thugs (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)

Baltimore’s Youth: Champions, Not Thugs (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)

By Orrin Hudson, former law enforcement officer-turned-community activist
My name is Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson.  I am the Founder and CEO of Be Someone Inc., a non-profit organization that uses numerous tools, including the game of chess, to promote self-esteem, responsibility, and analytical thinking among at-risk kids.  I have been in Portland, this week, teaching kids how to think strategically, plan effectively, and build self-confidence, through the game of chess.  I have devoted my life to teaching young people that they can be successful, if they make the right choices.
Now, I have set my sights on helping Baltimore rebuild.  I know that the only way to do that is to make an impact on city’s future – their children.  I will proudly tell you that this is my specialty, but I am asking for some high powered help this time.  

In this open letter to the President of the United States, I am asking the President to join me.  Many people want to give up on these kids.  They want to label them, and sweep them aside like left over riot debris. That was me, not many years ago.  Someone decided not to give up on me.  Now, it’s my turn to reach out to young people who are on the wrong path.
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 We need to help our children. I was born to do this.  It is my passion and desire to help kids Be Someone!  All that is required for our communities to be destroyed, is for good people to do nothing. 
Taking Action in Baltimore,
Orrin Hudson
Open letter to the President –
Dear President Obama:
I need your help.  I know that, together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of many young people, who feel their country has passed them by – kids who see no future for themselves.
Mr. President, the young people of Baltimore are not thugs.  They are potential champions.  I know, because I was once in a gang, and called “a thug”.  The gang called the shots for me… Do this, do that.  And I complied, because I let someone else do the thinking for me.  It almost ruined me.  Thank God, one of my teachers saw more in me, and brought out the champion that I never knew existed.  He taught me how to play chess.  He taught me that there is a consequence for every action. He taught me that success is mine to achieve, if I make the right moves. 
Now, I want to go to Baltimore, and teach this same vital lesson.
Mr. President, I know these young people.  They are begging for a chance.  They want to be happy and successful, and raise families, the same as we have been privileged to do.  

Please join me in Baltimore. If you like, I will meet you in Washington, first.  Let’s break out the chess table, and let these young people know that they can also be champions!  We need each and every one of them.
Orrin C. Hudson


Family and friends in recent regards to everything that’s gone down in Baltimore my good friend Orrin Checkmate Hudson is out in the trenches trying to educate the youth on the right way to handle things. Please support his mission for unity and peace amongst the ground in Baltimore and this great nation we call home. Proud of you my friend, we need more soldiers like you making a major difference in this world… keep up the press! ****CLICK LINK BELOW TO DONATE****




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