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Birmingham City Council President Pro Tem Jay Roberson to host Nonviolence Leaders of Camp NOW with Elder Bernice King


BIRMINGHAM, AL- As summer swings into full throttle, many youth are taking proactive measures to stay engaged in constructive activities that build their educational and leadership skills far beyond the average classroom. On Wednesday, July 15, Council President Pro Tem Jay Roberson will join Elder Bernice King to host the 4th Annual Summer Camp NOW (Nonviolence Opportunity Watch) at the 16thStreet Baptist Church at 3:45 p.m.

Camp NOW, a youth symposium that originated from the King Center, draws youth from the Greater Atlanta area to develop and enhance their leadership and team building skills all in the course of one week. In the latter part of the week, groups will participate in a historical Civil Rights pilgrimage to Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. Stops will include the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; 16th Street Baptist Church; Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and The Dexter Parsonage Museum. During Camp NOW’s visit to Birmingham, Councilor Roberson will be bring remarks and speak with the youth about their role as change agents when steering their peers to make the right choices.

“Our youth help build the core of our communities. It is our responsibility as leaders to keep them in the forefront of change,” Councilor Roberson said. “As they show up in large numbers to learn of the struggles of our ancestors and translate those characteristics into their own actions, it speaks volumes to the entire Civil Rights movement, I’m beyond honored to be a part of this forum.”



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