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Wearing Short, Shorts in the Winter


Ameera Steward

I’m not one to wear shorts in the winter too often, but I have seen some people who can rock the look. It seems like this is becoming more of a trend and I love how people are putting their own twists on it.

Of course it’s better to wear tights or leg warmers; I don’t think it’s wise to go out in shorts only. I also think shorts looks better worn with some ankle boots or booties. Personally I don’t really like the shorts look with long or high boots unless they are thigh high boots. Thigh highs give the look more of an edgy look and are acceptable with shorts sometimes.

Shorts with tights give a more sophisticated look and a more runway look. I see many people who tuck in whatever shirt they’re wearing and wear a long coat or sweater with booties or ankle boots.

You can wear any type of shirt but it looks better tucked in, don’t wear any shirt that’s too long. I say this because most girls don’t wear long shorts, their shorts are usually at thigh and shorter than some may wear during the summer. I think the shorts being shorter bring the look together including accessories such as scarves or hats.

A great accessory I am seeing with shorts is one of the big floppy hats; those are perfect for an outfit with shorts. It’s cute. Other cute accessories are beanies, oversized jackets or coats, and a long necklace or a scarf as I said above. It all honestly depends on you and your style.

Now, just because wearing shorts in the winter is OK, please do not go out without anything on your legs. I can’t stress that enough because I see it at school. This goes for boys and girls. Girls are lucky because we have shorts, but guys you have no reason to wear shorts in the winter. I’m sorry, but please don’t and I’m saying this for your health.

If a guy wears shorts during the winter, and it’s a cold winter most of us think crazy thoughts about the guy. So to the men out there, I suggest sticking to jeans and sweat pants. Shorts are not your friend in the winter, unless you never get cold.

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