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5 Steps to Getting Back In Shape


From staff reports

Sometimes life happens.

We don’t always have time to take an hour or 30 minutes out of our day to stick to our work out routine. You skip the gym a couple of weeks, and then a month, and next thing you know you haven’t renewed your gym membership.  Trying to get back into the swing of working out can be tough, especially if its been a while. That hour run that you used to be able to do with ease now has you out of breath after the first couple of minutes. Don’t worry though, all is not lost.



Don’t think about what it used to be. When you first started back in the day, you didn’t start off at your goal, in fact it was a challenge then, but you made it. Just like it took some time then, it will take time now. Sometimes we can be our biggest critic of our own performance, and checking daily makes it more difficult. Start where you are now, and give yourself a month before you check your scale. It will be easier to see your progress.


Start at a comfortable level for where you currently are. Yes, running a marathon used to be an annual hobby, but your body may be telling you otherwise. It could also lead to serious injury. Start small and take it one day at a time. If running is your thing, sign up for 5K and make weekly goals to get up to there. If you aren’t a runner, sign up for a group fitness class or hire a trainer for a few days a week.


Find new motivation. Fitting in your wedding dress or looking good on the beach might have been your goal five years ago, that does not mean it has to be today. If you want to stay healthy for your family (or yourself) let that be your motivation. Also, don’t let the wrong numbers be your motivation. Often the focus is on the numbers of the scale when the focus should be on other numbers, such as cholesterol or heart rates.


Don’t forget to stretch. Whether you are working on strength, or doing cardio on a daily basis, don’t forget to stretch those muscles. It can also help relieve some of that day-after soreness.


Find what works for you. Just because weight lifting or running was your thing then, does not mean that it still is. Find what works for you now. See what you enjoy more. Most importantly, don’t let your health be a chore. Make it a fun part of your day.


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