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Republicans will back Trump until his die-hard support drops

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

By Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. 

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

Most politicians believe in the 11th commandment which states self-preservation is the first law of nature.

Right now Donald Trump’s approval rating is around 40 percent. However, it is around 85 percent with his die-hard supporters. As long as these numbers stay consistent then the Republican members of the House and Senate will remain as staunch supporters of Donald Trump.

If (and when) these numbers change – for example, his approval rating with his staunch supporters drops to 40 percent – then the Republican members of the House and Senate will apply the 11th commandment rule.

It is very obvious that Trump’s strongest supporters are going to stay with him for at least the next 100 days.

“I’ve been glad that he’s made some of the changes he has on foreign policy,” said former Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who has been critical of Trump. “I’m impressed with his team there. I think they’re a very strong team, and that, to me, is very important that he has made some shifts there.”

In addition, Mexico is not paying for the wall. His travel ban been blocked twice by the courts. He has failed to mobilize a Republican monopoly on power in Washington and his big legislative goal to repeal Obamacare crashed.

An FBI investigation over alleged links between Trump campaign operatives and Russia is casting a shadow over the White House. He lost his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, over Russia questions less than a month into his term.

Trump is the best in the business on diverting attention. For an example, every time he thinks the issue will come up about his cozy relationship with Russia, and how many billions he is going to make for his family, he either drops a few bombs on you or threatens to send a warship to your back door.

Another example is that Trump has declined to attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, an event held in Washington for journalists and traditionally attended by the president. In order to attract some attention to himself, he is going to have a political rally in Harrisburg, Penn. to mark the first 100 days of his presidency.