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Hip hop collective Lobotomix celebrates 9 years

Basshead Jazz performs at the Ni9E Years of Hip Hop Celebration at Saturn in Birmingham. (Reginald Allen, For The Birmingham Times)
By Reginald Allen
Special to The Times

LOBOTOMIX held its “NI9E Years of Hip Hop” celebration Friday, Nov. 23 at Saturn Bar. For eight hours, the event showcased 10 acts from the hip hop collective. The concert featured live performances from Cutt Dogg, GI Magus, Kennie BLK, Basshead Jazz, Monastery, Roscoe, Silas, Linqua Franqa and Phrasure.

LOBOTOMIX was founded in 2009 by Rashid Qandil. Per its website’s bio, LOBOTOMIX strives to preserve the original roots and principles of the rich music genre of hip hop by proving an authentic, artistic counterpoint to the influence of commercially driven rap.

“I started LOBOTOMIX on my birthday nine years ago and it has evolved to be a vehicle to support and showcase independent hip hop and related music forms in our city,” Qandil said of the collective in a social media post. “It’s something that I am passionate about, and that I am happy to see that has served an important role in our community.”

For additional information on the collective, visit LOBOTOMIX.com.