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Bryan Headen
Compiled By Erica Wright

There has to be one thing we’d all like to try before we depart. So we asked Birmingham-area residents, What is on your bucket list?

Jaime Carlisle

Jamie Carlisle: “I really want to go to New York and try the chocolate chip cookie at Levain Bakery. I love cooking and baking and so that is the one thing in life I really want to do. I’d also love to be able to start a bakery . . . but I definitely have to try that cookie because I heard it’s really good.”

Sally Fairbanks

Sally Fairbanks: “My bucket list would be to visit Santorini, Greece. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of it and it just seems like such a beautiful place and I’ve always wanted to go . . . I love the culture and everything about it.”

Bryan Headen

Bryan Headen: “I want to go to as many countries as my age before I die . . . so, If I’m going to die at 78, I want to have gone to 78 countries. That may sound hard to do because you never know when you’re going to die, but I’m trying to go to a new country every year for my birthday.”

Laurie Shelton

Laurie Shelton: “A trip to Greece, visit a castle and possibly try alligator. I think Greece is just a beautiful country so I would like to visit any part. I love castles and so I could visit a castle in any country, it doesn’t matter and I want to try alligator because I have a lot of family [in the] South and I’ve heard a lot about it . . . I’ve heard it tastes like chicken so I’m curious to try it out.”