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Drew: Reflecting on living life safely

By Samuetta Hill Drew

It is all too common to become reflective at the close of a calendar year by thinking about decisions and goals we’ve made about our lives. Often these reflections reveal some eye-opening revelations about what all we did and/or did not accomplish in 2018. One of the challenges I want to propose is, while during your reflections ask yourself, “Am I living life safely?”

In 2018, we tried to assist you with this question by addressing a myriad of topics to help with a positive response. We discussed many different safety topics and below are a few highlights:

  • How to Safely Store your Christmas Decoration – to help secure your investments by storing them properly so they can be safely used for years to come.
  • Exercise and Workout Safety – to help ensure, as you attempt to lose those dreaded extra pounds, you do so on safe equipment using the proper form.
  • How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Imposter Scams – to help you with ways to identify scams and protect yourself and your hard earned money.
  • Articles on Ways to Protect Your Home from Different Dangerous Situations – to help protect your dwelling from fire, unwanted animals, securing your home, along with other essential matters around home safety.
  • Environmental Safety – to help you stay alert of your environment when going to/from home, especially at night, shopping, traveling, etc., of possible dangers.
  • Safeguarding Your Personal Information – to help you navigate through all the new technology threats cyber thieves may use to compromise your personal information.

Hopefully, as we all reflect our lives in 2018 and prepare for 2019, we can positively respond that we are trying to live safer lives by Keeping Our Eyes on Safety while enjoying life!