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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, what is the legacy left by the departed Congressman John Lewis and Rev. CT Vivian?

Jazmine Payne: “[They] were two great men who fought for Civil Rights until their death. We are still fighting against racism… we are still fighting for Black lives to matter. Thank you, John and CT, for showing us the right way to fight and we will continue to fight in their honor and all those who died for our rights.”

Jaden Hall: “The legacy that both leave behind is how to be a shining example in the Black community and the right way to fight for Civil Rights and civil liberties. They put their lives on the line for not just their rights but for their children, their children’s children and others.”

Joshua Matthews: “They leave a legacy of [how] we definitely should be [smart] about how we get things to change . . . understand how politics work, how to navigate everything the world has given us and be able to make changes.”

Valerie B. Payne: “Hopefully, their legacy will encourage everybody to get out and vote and register to vote if they haven’t already and participate more in civic duties. We must remember there are so many people who have died even before them, so hopefully the younger generation will appreciate what leaders of the past have done.”

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