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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

CATHERINE SURRETT: “How change really affects me, it was so hard to get used to all the different things . . . Everything was shut down and I couldn’t get used to that. You couldn’t just go in places anymore, I had to change my job and that affected me. I’m just really used to my normal stuff so [that change] was definitely a challenge.”

GRANGER SURRETT: “I learned to be a lot more content because I know a lot of people had a bunch of days where we’re just sitting there with nothing to do . . . and being really kind of appreciative of that time and content with that time . . . just kind of being happy with the moment you’re in, even with things changing so quickly.

ANDRE UNDERWOOD: “I became mentally stronger. We had a lot of stress that we went through. That kind of forces you to become stronger. It taught me to overcome and honestly just keep it pushing. Definitely not the same person I was before the pandemic.”

TAKEIHIA WHITT: “I learned I have a lot of patience and resilience . . .I think everything happens for a reason, certain things we can make happen on our own right, but for the most part I believe in God. Things happen to us so he can wake us up.”

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