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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your daily routine?

VICTORIA DILETTO: “I get up every morning make coffee. And then I go and check my garden plants . . . That requires a routine and dedication and gives me a reason to wake up early and start my day — motivation to not stay in bed all day.”

ANNA SHADDIX: “In the morning, I like to get up and drink a glass of water and then I come back and I make my bed and I read my devotional for the day . . . I heard that waking up and drinking a glass of water is just a good thing to do for your body and keep your energy up. I’m glad that I’m doing it consistently now.”

GIANNI MARTIN: “My alarm is set for six o’clock in the morning . . . I wake up, and I do morning affirmations, take my vitamins and I gather myself for the day . . . I just want to make sure I’m keeping myself up and staying healthy. Especially in this moment in life, it’s super important we take care of ourselves.”

VINCE DILETTO: “Every day, a couple of things have to happen. I have to pull some weeds out of the garden. And I’ve got to listen to my Bible podcast. Mike Schmitz [a Catholic priest] does a Bible In A Year for anyone who’s ever wanted to read the Bible, or listen to the Bible, it’s a fantastic podcast . . . every day, gotta have it.”