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Security At Level 1 for The World Games 2022; Highest Rank for a Special Event



When The World Games 2022 comes to Birmingham July 7-17, there will be unprecedented security, said Birmingham Mayor Randall L. Woodfin. The Department of Homeland Security has ranked the event with a Special Events Assessment Rating (SEAR) of Level 1. This means it has national and/or international importance that requires extensive federal interagency support.

“We are committed to having a safe event for our city, athletes and visitors,” Woodfin said. “Together, with our partners, we will be ready.”

Birmingham Special Agent to the Secret Service Patrick Davis will lead the security effort. He said there will be a unified command of law enforcement across city, state, and federal government. “This will be like 24 Super Bowls over a ten-day span,” he said. “Security is imperative.”

Davis is also working closely with the Department of Justice, specifically the FBI. He receives daily intelligence bulletins and is monitoring occurrences around the world to ensure a safe event.

“The eyes of the world will be on the city of Birmingham, the state and the good citizens here,” Davis said. “We want to put our best foot forward and ensure safety at the Games for the patrons and athletes from 120 counties.”

The Birmingham Police Department will be a major supporter in this event. “BPD will be involved 100 percent,” Woodfin said. “There is ample coordination with our federal partner and BPD as well as with police departments within the region. We feel confident that BPD will be able to keep our people safe.”

According to The World Games 2022 CEO Nick Sellers, significant efforts are being made to ensure a safe experience and easy navigation to and from the events.

“This is a historic moment for families around the southeast and world to enjoy a special experience,” Sellers said, “but with great benefits comes responsibility.”

Attendees can expect security screenings at the venues to be similar to that at a national championship or SEC game, he said. In terms of security around the perimeter of The World Games 2022 event spaces, the largest footprint will be in the Uptown area outside of the Protective Stadium. The plan, however, is to minimally impact the residents living nearby. Details will be pushed out within the next few days with respect to road closures, detours, bag policy, magnetometers.

“Is it going to be easy to get in and out of the venues? Yes,” Sellers said. “Is it going to be safe? Absolutely. That is a commitment. We have the best in the business.”

A comprehensive public transportation plan will be revealed within the next few weeks. “It will be very easy and safe,” Sellers said. “Two loops: World Games Express East and World Games Express West.” In addition, there will be support by the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority as well as services by mini-mobility and rideshare programs.