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How Will You Respond When Change Knocks?

By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson

It is uncomfortable. And it will be unfamiliar. But it is inevitable.

Normally my posts are more inspirational and situational, but this one is specifically putting you and I in a position to prepare because something new is on the horizon. You’ll have to take some time to think about how it specifically applies to you, but, as I type the words, I sense this just as strongly as anything else I’ve written.

Take this post as a nod to the new; a hint of what’s to come; and an admonishment to be ready when it occurs: Change is coming. And the timing is interesting, too. Think about it.

We’ve had the first half of the year to really re-adjust to the life we once knew (as we shift farther away from the height of the pandemic), and now, it’s time to work to complete some items. But it won’t happen without change. You may be wondering, “What will change look like when it gets here?” Let me add: it will look different for each person, but I believe that life certainly gives us some clues.

For instance, change may be subtle, or, it could boldly slap you in your face (figuratively speaking). Some social circles you’ll no longer fit in. Don’t resist it, just adjust accordingly. Assignments or jobs which were very attractive in the near past, won’t fit the bill in the future. Don’t sweat it – attempt something new! And some friendships won’t progress as you had intended.

Celebrate the memories, but look forward to creating new ones with those who are called to help you on this next leg of your journey. This is a space in which I absolutely love to coach people because one thing is certain, change is always occurring. Wisdom teaches us to work with it and not against it.

In the truest sense, fully embracing life changes allows you to skillfully implement the lessons you’ve learned in your not-so-distant past and evolve into the next best version of you.

Let’s admit it, as a life coach who specializes in teaching people how to deal with major life changes, very few people willingly celebrate it on the front end. We don’t always like that we’re dealt with change, but when we embrace what is, it truly allows us to receive the life lessons that come to us and grow through our next season of life. I’ll admit, I’m not committed to maintaining the status quo.

I desire to grow and produce greater fruit and be a blessing to more people. And I am asking you to consider doing the same. Change will come knocking, if it hasn’t already. The only question today is simply…will you open the door? And if you don’t, what opportunities (which I believe is a by-product of change) are you leaving behind? You certainly have a choice.

But if you desire to grow and walk successfully in the game of life, I believe the right answer is pretty obvious.

As always, know that I’m cheering for you and I’m only an email away.

Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson is a life coach, author and speaker. Her column appears each month online and in The Birmingham Times. You can contact Keisa at keisasharpe@yahoo.com.