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As Halloween Celebrations Grow; So Do Safety Concerns

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Halloween celebrations among adults, as well as children, are steadily growing in popularity. Ghoulish images appear to be all the rage. Shoppers can now purchase the simplest to the most elaborate Halloween decorations for their homes at retail stores and/or online. As this popularity continues to trend, there are some real safety concerns and measures which homeowners/renters should consider as they begin their decorating for Halloween.

Halloween lights are very appealing. They add a spooky element that attracts onlookers and trick-or-treaters. Hanging these lights often requires using a ladder. Therefore, it is important you use a secure ladder when hanging Halloween lights on your home. Make sure the ladder is tall enough to extend three feet beyond your roofline. You should also find a flat, firm location to place the feet of the ladder.

Make sure you check all the lights to ensure they have been recognized by laboratory testing. Look for any broken sockets, as well as frayed or bare wires. These types of lights should not be used.

Keep flammable materials away from fire and heat. Crisp fall weather feels fantastic and adds a little zing to the air. However, the dry air can also create a potential fire hazard. This applies also to those who may live in an area known to have a wet autumn season. Pay close attention to any fire hazards.

First, you need to make sure you keep all flammable materials away from fire and high heat. For example, do not place fake cobwebs above a jack-o-lantern candle. Heat from the candle could set the cobwebs on fire. It is best to use battery powered candles instead of real candles. Also critical for Halloween safety is to remove any obstacles that may cause accidents such as tripping. Clear any debris and other obstacles from your lawn, sidewalks and stand.

Be sure that the extension cords you use outside are rated for outdoor use. Also, do not overload your extension cords. Your cord should be the correct amps for what you are plugging into it. Keep your home brightly lit both indoors and outside. Check the lighting for your front entry way or porch and replace any damaged bulbs that may have burned out.

Halloween is a time for delightful frights and treats but with that ghoulish fun can come unwanted accidents and injuries. So, decorate your home for Halloween while Keeping an Eye on Safety.