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Keeping an Eye on Safety for November 12, 2015


By Samuetta Hill Drew


Parking Deck Safety continues to be the focus. As stated last week, it was important to have a two part segment on this topic because of its potential for real and imminent danger. Remember, parking decks (garages) rank 2nd nationally for violent crimes after residential property. They represent a perfect example of “space and opportunity” because they’re vast, open, and mostly secluded spaces filled with excellent opportunities for assailants to hide and attack due to the number of parked vehicles, large pillars, stairs and elevators. Yes, they are convenient spaces but warrant precaution when used. These additional safety tips below should offer more information about how you can possibly protect yourself in parking decks (garages):


Parking Deck Safety Tips Part 2

  1. Awareness at all times is crucial no matter how potentially distracted you may become dealing with your packages, children or your cell phone ringing (call them back only after you’ve gotten safely in your vehicle and driven to a safe location).
  2. Do not talk on your cell phone or Bluetooth device while walking to your vehicle because it is distracting.
  3. Do not text while walking to your vehicle. It too is also detracting.
  4. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings so you can spot potential danger.
  5. Look around for any suspicious persons to make sure you’re not being followed. I’ve experienced this and it’s a very scary and unsettling situation. Remember to remain calm! Immediately turn around and go back into the store so you can report it to security. They should escort you to your vehicle. Scan the area quickly to try to find someone or group, walk toward them and re-enter the store with them.
  6. Try to avoid walking in areas attackers may be hidden like between trucks, vans, SUVs or even cars. Walk toward your vehicle down the visible lanes until you reach your vehicle.
  7. The National Safety Commission recommends you look around as you approach your vehicle to make sure no one is hiding underneath, behind, in front of or crouched in your back seat (if they’ve broken into your car).
  8. Be prepared by having your pepper spray or personal noisemaker in your hand, just in case. Check to make sure pepper spray is allowed in your state.


As we approach our nation’s busiest and biggest shopping season, let’s remember the ole adage “better safe than sorry” is always applicable when you’re Keeping an Eye on Safety.


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