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Magic City Classic 2017 – What You Need to Know about MCC2017


Game Day Safety Tips

By Samuetta Hill Drew 

The McDonald’s Magic City Classic presented by Coca-Cola will kickoff at 2:30 p.m. at Legion Field.

The City of Birmingham will again host the annual Magic City Classic Football Game between Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at Legion Field. It has become the largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities Classic Game in the country.  The thousands of visitors who pour into the hotels spark an air of excitement and fun throughout the city.  There will be plenty of food and social gatherings of all types for the entire week and weekend.  As everyone prepares for the classic, it is important that safety become a part of the conversation.  You want to have a safe game day experience.  Here are some safety tips families and friends should consider.

Before leaving for the game make sure you have checked the weather and are dressed appropriately in your game day attire.  It is always a good idea to wear some sunscreen to protect you from the sun when attending a game in an open stadium.  Stay hydrated.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.  This should apply to all game day attendees in your family or group.  There should be a communication plan everyone is aware of just in case someone in the group gets separated.

Many people will be selling parking spaces cheaper than the stadium parking spaces.  Most of them are safe, but sometimes parking in the designated stadium lot becomes cheaper in the long run.  These venues have security or the police patrolling the lots.  Write down the lot number or street number where you park.  If you choose to park outside the stadium, make sure it’s in a well-lit safe area that is heavily populated.

Make sure as you enjoy the game, halftime performances and speaking to friends and classmates you have not seen in years, that you remain aware of your surroundings at all times.  Be aware of all the exits located by your seats.  Make sure you drink responsibly.

Be careful when going to the restrooms, concession stands and/or walking around the venue.  It is best to “buddy up” with someone.  If there is a fan in your area that is being disruptive or threatening, avoid from taking matters into your own hands.  It is better to get security or the police to address the matter.  Be respectful of fans, regardless of who they are cheering for.

Also, be respectful of other fans when leaving the game no matter the outcome.  Don’t walk alone to your car and definitely don’t drive if you have been drinking.  When returning to your car, if you feel you are in an unsafe area, walk away and text security or 911 immediately.

Even though it is the responsibility of the city to make sure the stadium and its surroundings are safe for the Magic City Classic visitors, ultimately you must take responsibility for your own safety by Keeping an Eye on Safety while participating and enjoying all the classic festivities.

Magic City Classic – Frequently Asked Questions

Game Time:
The McDonald’s Magic City Classic presented by Coca-Cola will kickoff at 2:30 p.m. at Legion Field.

 Prohibited Items:
Legion Field clear bag policy
– For more information visit: https://magiccityclassic.com/www/cabinet/Legion%20Field%20new%20bag%20policy.jpg.
Prohibited items include: Weapons of any kind, umbrellas, purses and bags larger than 1″x4.5″x6.5″, non-see thru cinch bags, diaper bags, fanny packs, backpacks, briefcases, computer bags, luggage (all types), seat cushions with compartments, selfie sticks, tripods, video cameras and recorders, cameras with 12″ lenses or greater, all camera cases, remote-controlled drones or devices, tobacco products of any kind, cigarettes and e-cigarettes, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, outside food or drinks, fireworks and smoke-producing devices, all types of radios, all animals (except certified, leashed service animals), helium-filled balloons, inflated balls, frisbees, rollerblades, heelies, skateboards and scooters, *any other item deemed dangerous or inappropriate by staff. For more information visit: https://magiccityclassic.com/www/cabinet/Prohibited%20Items_1.jpg.


Gameday parking at Legion Field is extremely limited and is $20 per vehicle. Because of this, we have a shuttle system available from three different locations that will drop you off at Legion Field and will run continuously throughout the day. Parking is free and shuttle rides are $5 roundtrip. Kids 12 and under receive free shuttle rides.


Legion Field controls all tailgating which includes RV and tent spaces. Space available for online purchase began October 5, 2017. For all questions regarding tailgating, see our tailgating section. If you have further questions please contact 205.254.2391.


Vendors/Merchandise Opportunities:
The city of Birmingham has an exclusive contract in place; therefore vendors are not allowed on Legion Field property. For those vendors who are located across the street from Legion Field and throughout the neighborhoods, their agreements are with the city and those specific property owners. In order to obtain a temporary business license, arrange payment of taxes, etc. through the city, contact Vickey Jones at Vickey.Jones@birminghamal.gov or 205.254.2497.


EVERYONE must have a ticket to enter the stadium, regardless of age. All tickets will be scanned upon entering the stadium and counterfeit tickets will be rejected and entry will not be allowed.


Any public events not posted on the schedule of events are not OFFICIAL events of the McDonald’s Magic City Classic. For unofficial events, parties, and concerts please tune into local radio stations, TV, newspapers, and other various social media outlets, as we do not have information on third-party events.  For more information visit: https://magiccityclassic.com/schedule-of-events/

For list of Birmingham hotels visit: http://birminghamal.org/hotels/.  For additional information, please contact the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1.800.458.8085.


An ATM will be provided by Regions Bank and will be located on the south side of the stadium.


Home Team:
Home team honors alternate each year between Alabama State and Alabama A&M. Alabama State University is the home team for 2017.

Regardless of who is the home team, ASU is always on the east side and AAMU is always on the west side of the stadium.