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Drew: COVID-19 Safety Tips for Halloween

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Usually this time of year it would not be uncommon for us to see sightings of goons, goblins, witches, ghosts, superheroes and magical characters like princesses, fairies and the likes walking the streets with normal humans, but the COVID-19 virus may alter these sightings.
The COVID-19 virus has turned the normalcy of our lives completely upside down in the blink of an eye.
So how does one continue lifelong traditions valued and enjoyed with family and friends, especially during this upcoming holiday season? The answer is simple. We proceed and enjoy these lifelong traditions adhering to medical & scientific COVID-19 guidelines. This means we will need to be creative and adjust traditions which puts safety for ourselves and our love ones first. This may be easier for adults, but what about children who look forward to Halloween? The suggestions below may be helpful to still enjoy Halloween, just COVID-19 style. These suggestions come from various sources including the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

Passing Out Halloween Treats:
• Wear a safety mask, not a Halloween mask.
• Avoid direct contact with trick or treaters.
• Give treats outside, if possible.
• Set up a treat station with individually bagged treats for children to take.
• Wash hands before and after passing out wrapped candy.

Wear a Mask:
• Make your cloth mask a part of your costume.
• Do NOT wear a cloth mask underneath a costume mask. It could cause breathing difficulty.
• A costume mask is NOT a substitute for a cloth mask.
• Children ages two and under should NOT wear a mask.

Alternative Halloween Activities:
• Under adult supervision, carve pumpkins as a family or with friends.
• Have a house Halloween Scavenger Hunt by hiding various treats throughout the house.
• Host a Halloween movie night with popcorn & treats. Children could wear their costumes.
• Visit a pumpkin patch or the zoo.

Whatever the Halloween activity of choice for you and your family, you should still:
• practice social distancing,
• use hand sanitizer frequently and wash your hands, when possible, often,
• continue to check all candy before allowing your children to eat them…so, you can Keep an Eye on Safety!