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Wellness Worx Studio Opening Saturday To Provide Mental Health Services

By Haley Wilson
The Birmingham Times 

A new Birmingham-area wellness studio will open to the public on Saturday, March 12 at 10 a.m. at 3055 Lorna Road in Hoover.

Wellness WorX provides a multi-dimensional approach to wellness goals, personally and professionally. It partners with its clients to help them navigate challenges faced during the journey of life.

“I’m overjoyed to start the journey of bringing Wellness WorX to life and having a space dedicated to help my clients become their best selves,” says founder and wellness coach Raven Holloway. “Wellness belongs to everyone – you just have to do the work to claim it.”

The studio’s mantra is “You are your greatest investment” and will offer a multidimensional approach to mental health services “with a focus on the mental spiritual, emotional, and social and its services include:

  • Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions
  • Wellness & Mindfulness Corporate Seminars
  • Wellness Interventions
  • Wellness Private Parties
  • Wellness Motivational Talks

Holloway, who has 8 members of her team, all master level social workers, said she personally knows the importance of the services being offered. “I struggled most of my life with depression,” she said. “And I’ll be honest, I didn’t have access to therapy or counseling. The only thing I had access to was a pen and paper where I wrote down how I was feeling . . . but there was not a place that focused on the whole person. For me, I truly believe in counseling and therapy. I have a therapist today; I also truly believe in physical activity… That is a part of my everyday life, but it requires work.”

While Holloway currently works in the field of addiction, she also has experienced family members who experienced addiction. “We have people coming in and go to treatment but the passion for me is a multi-dimensional, focus on treatment and the entire person. We can address the individual and give them a better shot at living their best lives by taking them in for an assessment.”

On Saturday, Wellness Worx Studio plans yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions and in April a podcast to “start talking about a lot of the stigmas around counseling,” Holloway said. “We’re going to open it up for a conversation so it’s going to be like counseling and a conversation, just a really raw conversation around eradicating the stigma around counselors in the African American community and eradicating the stigma around counseling and the LGBTQ-plus community.”

Find more information at thiswellnessworx.com, as well as by searching Wellness WorX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.